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FDSA provides a large number of programs and services that are of significant importance and value to our members.

Member Benefits Include:

  • Forever Tribute Funeral Orders
    • Funeral orders are now easier than ever. As funeral directors, we spend a good deal of time reaching out individually to suppliers for our funeral orders (Casket, Vault, Urns, Memorial Cards, etc.). Those days are NO MORE. Forever Tribute created a free online form that allows funeral directors to submit all their orders in one place.  A simple click of the button, and your funeral orders are submitted automatically via email. Join Today!

  • Access to Business Insurance
    • We offer one of the finest insurance programs for funeral service through the McCutcheon Insurance Agency. This includes automobile and establishment liability and workman's compensation and the service provided is exceptional.
  • Pre-Arranged Funeral Trust
    • FDSA operates the FDSA Pre-Arranged Funeral Fund which is the depository of Regular and Affiliate member's preneed funds. This fund is professionally invested and managed. Nearly all bookkeeping functions are done for participants.
  • Continuing Education Programs
    • Continuing education programs are offered throughout each year for members and other funeral professionals. A wide variety of seminars are offered for the benefit and interest of those who attend.
  • Regions Bank - Pre-Need Trust
  • Liaison with other organizations
    • FDSA maintains an ongoing liaison with pertinent government agencies at all levels. We try to assist you with questions and concerns you may have.
  • Collective Bargaining (for Regular Members)
    • Collective bargaining with Teamsters Local 727 is done on behalf of FDSA Regular Members regarding funeral directors, embalmers and livery drivers. 
  • Public Affairs/Legislative Monitoring
    • We monitor legislative initiatives at all levels of government and work with other funeral organizations to ensure the protection of the rights of funeral directors.
  • Annual Tradeshow

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Funeral Directors Services Association of Greater Chicago

Telephone - 773/398-5158  -  KEVIN ANDERSON

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