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FDSA provides a large number of programs and services that are of significant importance and value to our members.

Current Services Offered to FDSA Members Include:

We offer one of the finest insurance programs for funeral service through the McCutcheon Insurance Agency. This includes automobile and establishment liability and workman's compensation and the service provided is exceptional.

Pre-Arranged Funds
FDSA operates the FDSA Pre-Arranged Funeral Fund which is the depository of Regular and Affiliate member's preneed funds. This fund is professionally invested and managed. Nearly all bookkeeping functions are done for participants.

CE Programs
Continuing education programs are offered throughout each year for members and other funeral professionals. A wide variety of seminars are offered for the benefit and interest of those who attend.

FDSA maintains an ongoing liaison with pertinent government agencies at all levels. We try to assist you with questions and concerns you may have.

We monitor legislative initiatives at all levels of government and work with other funeral organizations to ensure the protection of the rights of funeral directors.

Collective bargaining with Teamsters Local 727 is done on behalf of FDSA Regular Members regarding funeral directors, embalmers and livery drivers. 

For further information, please call 410-940-6359 or e-mail


Funeral Directors Services Association of Greater Chicago
180 Admiral Cochrane Drive, Suite 370
Annapolis, MD 21401
telephone: 410-940-6359