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The Funeral Directors Services Association of Greater Chicago (FDSA) purposes and objectives are:

  • to study, develop, and establish the highest standards of service for the benefit of the public;
  • to promote a professional relationship between those engaged in the practice of funeral service and the public they serve by the promulgation and adoption of correct and ethical principles of business administration;
  • to represent its members and keep them informed of the laws and statutes affecting their practice and to encourage them to comply with these laws and statutes; and
  • to maintain among its members the highest professional ideals which are necessary in the service of the public and in the public interest.

Member benefits include:

  • Access to Business Insurance
  • Employment and Labor Law Telephone Consultations
  • Pre-Arranged Funeral Trust
  • Access to Music Licensing
  • Continuing Education Programs
  • Resume Bank
  • Liaison with other organizations
  • Collective Bargaining (for Regular Members)
  • Public Affairs/Legislative Monitoring
  • Funeral Flags
  • Newsletter
  • Incident Forms
  • Social Programs
  • Annual Tradeshow
  • Free Classified Newsletter Advertising 


(1) WELCOME to the new FDSA website. 

It is an adaptive website, which means it recognizes the  technology you are using to view it (desktop, laptop, notebook, telephone) and adapts to a format best suited to view the site with that medium.  Please note the new domain address for the site, WWW.FDSACHICAGO.ORG, instead of  That means all of our emails now end in .org instead of .com as well.  Please update your contacts accordingly.      


Ponni Arunkumar, M.D., Cook County Chief Medical Examiner, has informed the association that cremation permit fees are increasing to $150 effective December 1, 2020.  

You may contact Dr. Arunkumar at 312-997-4502 if you have any questions.


FDSA held a very successful Virtual Tradeshow on November 4, with 244 registrants and 8 exhibitors.  We hope you had the opportunity to experience the show.  There was excellent discussion, terrific information provided by our speakers, wonderful exhibitors, and overall we believe everybody had a good experience.


We look forward to seeing you next year at what we hope will be a face-to-face tradeshow at the White Eagle Restaurant.  It is tentatively scheduled for November 3, 2021. 

(4) Have questions?  Please contact Courtney Truelove via email at or by telephone at 410-940-6359.        

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